Polka Tots Portable Play Parties
Mobile play packages brought to your door
Specially designed for ages 5 and under

How it Works

We want your day to be special, whether it's a birthday party, a backyard BBQ, or whatever the occasion! Booking a party with us is easy.
Choose a party package or mix and match with our large selection of add-ons.
Let us know the starting time of your party. All our packages include a rental period of 6 hours plus 30-60 minutes for setup and collection of the equipment.
Reserve your party date. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a date.
Reserve your party today!

Party Packages

Our party packages are the easiest way to ensure you have everything you need for an amazing party.

Prefer to mix and match? Check out individual prices and extra add-ons below.

Mini Tots Package 

The Mini Tots Package is suited for smaller spaces and parties. The package includes soft play equipment that all young children will be able to enjoy!

Cost: $175  
  1. play yard
    play yard
  2. round ball pit with balls
    round ball pit with balls
  3. soft block set
    soft block set
  4. floor mats
    floor mats
  5. wedge climber
    wedge climber
  6. tumble and roll
    tumble and roll
  7. caterpillar beam
    caterpillar beam
  8. soft rocker
    soft rocker
  9. toddler ramp
    toddler ramp
  10. sound steps
    sound steps
  11. rainbow tunnel
    rainbow tunnel
  12. two bouncy horses
    two bouncy horses
  13. various soft play climbers
    bumpy climber
  14. soft play house
    soft play house
  15. soft alphabet blocks
    soft alphabet blocks
Size: 10x10 sq ft
Setup time: 45-60 minutes 

Setup can be adjusted to fit your space.​ 

Rentals are for up to a 6 hour period between the hours of 9am-7pm.

​*Set up/disassemble time is not included in your booked time

Please note: Photo above shows a sample package setup, which may include add-ons.

Mighty Tots Package 

The Mighty Tots Package is suited for a mixed age range and multiple children. Kids of all ages love climbing on and building with the various soft play equipment!

Cost: $250

​(Play yard fencing is not included in the Mighty Package, but can be added for an additional $25)

  1. square ball pit
    square ball pit
  2. stacking blocks
    stacking blocks
  3. slide
  4. soft block house
    soft block house
  5. target toss panel
    target toss panel
  6. three bouncy horses
    three bouncy horses
  7. soft rocker
    soft rocker
  8. folding jumper
    folding jumper
  9. sound steps
    sound steps
  10. soft play blocks
    soft play blocks
  11. soft climber block set
    soft climber block set
  12. tunnel
  13. foam mats
    foam mats
  14. soft tunnel set
    soft tunnel set
  15. wedge climber set
    wedge climber set
  16. balance beam
    balance beam
  17. whizzy dizzy
    whizzy dizzy
Size: 12x12 sq ft
Setup time: 60 mins

Setup can be adjusted to fit your space.​

Rentals are for up to a 6 hour period between the hours of 9am-7pm.

*Set up/disassemble time is not included in your booked time.

Please note: Photo above shows a sample package setup, which may include add-ons.


Looking for more flexibility? Mix and match to create your own package or choose add-ons to customize your party package.
  1. dueling coasters, set of two - $20
    dueling coasters, set of two - $20
  2. ride-on train set with two trains - $30
    ride-on train set with two trains - $30
  3. mega tunnel with balls (12') - $20
    mega tunnel with balls (12') - $20
  4. table and six chairs - $15 per set
    table and six chairs - $15 per set
  5. junior jumper - $20
    junior jumper - $20
  6. bucket ball toss with balls and beanbags - $10
    bucket ball toss with balls and beanbags - $10
  7. ball pool - $60
    ball pool - $60
  8. sit and spin - $5
    sit and spin - $5
  9. junior 4 to score - $15
    junior 4 to score - $15
  10. basketball hoop and basket of balls - $15
    basketball hoop and basket of balls - $15
  11. musical skipper - $5
    musical skipper - $5
  12. bead maze table - $10
    bead maze table - $10
  13. push walker (two available) - $5 each
    push walker (two available) - $5 each
  14. tricycle (two available) - $10 each
    tricycle (two available) - $10 each
  15. caterpillar tunnel and climber - $30
    caterpillar tunnel and climber - $30

Cozy Coupe Track Set - $30

  1. cozy coupe (four cars, styles vary)
    cozy coupe (four cars, styles vary)
  2. street signs
    street signs
  3. create a course
    create a course
  4. gas pump
    gas pump

A Few Simple Rules

  1. No adults will be allowed on any of the equipment. However, adult supervision is required at all times.   

  2. No food, drinks, shoes, or sharp objects are allowed on any of the equipment.   

  3. All equipment must be inspected and signed for at the time of drop off/set up. If any equipment is missing or damaged at the time of pick up, a replacement fee will be charged.   

  4. If any equipment is found to be exceptionally dirty, a $50 cleaning fee will be charged.   

  5. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of the equipment.   

  6. ​Any cancellation made at least 7 days before the reservation date will result in a refund of the deposit amount. Reservations cancelled within 7 days of the date will be issued a credit to be used for a future booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room do I need?

For the Mini Tots package, you will need an 8x10 sq ft space and the Mighty Tots package you will need a 12x12 sq ft space. We can adjust this to fit your space.

Do you provide supervision?

No, we are strictly there to set up and breakdown the play equipment.

Is there an age limit?

Technically there is not, but a majority of our equipment is designed for ages 5 and under.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are covered by general liability insurance.

Is there a delivery fee?

If your location is within 25 miles of our address, then delivery is free. Anything outside of this area is subject to a delivery fee of $35.

Is your equipment sanitized?

Yes! Everything is cleaned and sanitized using hospital grade disinfectant.

What if it rains?

Prior to actual set up, we can either move the party inside if possible or reschedule at no additional cost. Once the equipment is set up, there is no cancellation option available. If it rains during your party, you will be required to cover all equipment. Tarps will be provided.

What if I damage/lose something?

You will be required to sign for all equipment at drop off. If anything is damaged or missing at the time of pick up, repair or replacement costs will be charged.

Can I cancel?

Any cancellations made at least 7 days prior to the party date will be refunded the deposit amount. If you cancel within 7 days of your party date, you will be issued a credit in the amount of the initial deposit to be used towards a future booking.

How many kids can I have?

We do not set a specific limit on the number of children, but there must be adult supervision on site at all times.

How do I book a party?

To book a party, simply email, Facebook message, or give us a call. You will be required to pay a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total cost in order to hold your date. Your specific date is not confirmed until we acknowledge receipt of the required deposit.

About Polka Tots

My name is Jaime and I'm the owner of Polka Tots Portable Play Parties. My dreams of opening a party business began while nannying for families all throughout the United States. I have always loved providing unique activites to keep the children I cared for active and engaged. I also wanted to provide a party option for people who wanted something a bit more intimate than a party place.

I am now a mother to 2 very active boys (ages 7 and 1). Their feedback on the equipment they enjoy has provided me with invaluable insight!

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